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Hello Readers,

These days you get to see hundreds of websites which offer you work from homes. Now the question arises, Do you get paid with those works?

Companies charge you huge amount of upfront charges to give you work. However, we make that basic difference in the articles writing jobs provided by us. All you will need to have internet connection and decent written English language.

We will train you on the work and groom you to create an extra income for you. We do not promise to make you millionaires. All we can assure is that, you will be paid with us for writing articles on the keywords which we will be providing you on daily basis.

The very fact that we are giving an online job for FREE should tell you more about the credibility of our company. We strive hard to take employment straight to your homes. Do not get carried away by the ads which promises you millions of dollars in few days. It is just not possible and it is not logical either. IF you have the heart to earn, join us TODAY and make a difference to your life. There is no shortcut for success!!!

You can ask yourself a question, "Will I make millions in few days without working or with minimum working?". You will know the obvious answer yourself. The answer is a big 'NO'!!!

The payments of your earnings will be made directly to you bank account or we will send the courier the cheques.

You will need to give 2 trial articles to write on the keywords of our choice. If the client likes your articles we will appoint you as a writer with our company. Even if the client does not like your article, we will still train you for free as long as you have the hunger to learn in order to earn money. We will train you for free. This is one offer which you can not find anywhere in the internet.

After a weeks time of experience, you can easily write an article in 20 to 30 minutes. You can work part-time or full-time with us.

Rules For writing:

You will need to have excellent command over English language

You can refer the internet for information but you will not do a copy paste job. You will need to form sentences of your own. Plagiarism is totally prohibited. We do not pay for the copy paste jobs. We pay you for your writing talents only

You will need to maintain good grammar and spellings (MS word will help you at least 80% with this. The other 20% will depend upon your talent and writing skills)

You will need to give a commitment on time when you take the work. We need committed writers only. Non-committed people will not be entertained. (Example: If you are asked to submit the articles by 6:00pm it means that you will need to submit your article before that time. Excuses like system problem or internet problem will not be entertained)

You will need to have the ability to understand what is explained to you in English.

If you are interested in making extra income with your writing skills, please add our Yahoo chat messenger ID: Paidarticle to your Yahoo chat contacts. You can get started straight away since there is no upfront money involved. you investment with us would be your dedication. NO INVESTMENT INVOLVED!!!

We will give you 2 trial articles to write in 2 hours. If the client approves your articles, you will be all set to be in writing business with us. You can work part-time or full-time with us. Even if the client does not like your article, we will still train you for free as long as you have the hunger to learn in order to earn money. We will train you for free.

Please do not contact us if you are too keen on becoming millionaires in few months or days. We are not in the business of making people millionaires. We give straight forward work from home jobs to earn additional income for yourself. Although, you could earn more than Rs.10,000 a month with us.

Contact Details

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.
Yahoo messenger id : Paidarticle
Email me at

Rules for the article writing Jobs

• You will need to type on MS word Document
• The Font has to be Ariel with size 10. Same for the title as well but the title needs to be made bold.
• Article need to be of written with 500 to 550 words. Shortcut for word count in MS word is Alt T W
• No paragraph should exceed 4 lines in size
• You will need to write only positive things about the keywords. Never write anything negative about the
keywords in the article.
• You can refer the internet (Google or any other search engines) for information on the Keywords given to
you but you cannot copy paste even single sentence
• Refer to a minimum of at least 3 or more information sources to write and finish one article. Do not
just rewrite from only 1 or 2 information sources
• You will need to use the keywords at least 8 times in the article and make it bold.
• Do not alter or change the Keywords under any circumstance. The keywords have to be used exactly
like it is given to you. Do not change it or alter it when you use it within the article content and in the title of
the article.
• Do not force the sentence if you get struck in completing it. Sit back and rethink on the sentence formation
and then type it.
• Keep short and concise sentences, Long sentences will complicate the grammar. Keep it short and
simple (KISS)
• You will need to make a title in which the keyword will be present. In the end also rename the file with
the title as well.
• Do not fabricate any sentences of your own unless you are sure about the fact (Write only facts).
is only right to have the supporting evidence on the internet for what you write on the articles
• Make sure that the contents are relevant to the titles
• You might need to make sub-headings to create easy readability to the readers
• Do not use Indian phrases since global audience will be reading it
• Do not use any brand names or website names unless it is mentioned while giving the work to yo
• Good Grammar is essential. MS Word will help you with most of the grammar and spellings.
• Open your mind and think of new angles to create your articles
• Make sure that you proofread the article after writing. This is a very important
• Check your article for originality after proofreading your file

Use the free tool Wordweb to get good meanings and alternative phrases
To download for Free, Click Here . It is a nice tool for writers

Please write the articles MS word in this format.
Style = Ariel
Heading Font Size = 10 but make it bold. The First letter of each word in the Title has to be in
upper case (Example: This Is A Sample Title Format To Be Followed)
Text Font Size = 10
Zoom = 100%

Scroll Down to learn about the Originality checking of the finished article

Originality checking of the finished article

You will need to register for a free account on .

• Once you create the account, login to your account,
• After you login, Paste your finished article inside the big text box of the website.
• Also check(tick) on small boxes of PDF, Blogs and Books
• Click on the ‘Deep Analysis’ Button
• It will start analysis and you can scroll down and keep looking at the small blue boxes as you scroll down. Ignore the
small blue globe icons.
• The small blue boxes should always have 0 (zero) in it
• If it is not zero, then that phrase is being copied. You will need to rephrase (correct) that sentence in your article.
• Once you rephrase, run all the above Analysis steps again till you get 0% results in the right top corner of the website.

You will also have the originality reconfirmed in

You can submit the article to the e-mail ID as the attachments only after you do the
originality check and confirm that no sentence in your article is copy paste job.